Whilst routing a soundwalk as part of the Extra-Human Hearing (EHH) strand of research I was struck by the support systems and structures for trees and saplings around the MMU building. The night before, at the Biosocial Research lab, we discussed text works by Erin Manning and Donna Haraway, and amongst many things, how movement […]

Amongst ruins and the glow of radioactive fallout a single house remains. It is August 4th 2026 and we hear a computer-controlled home going through its daily routine. The AI voice-clock performs its tasks but it is continually greeted by silence. Is anybody listening? Where are the signs of life? Something is wrong. Tick tock, […]

Can we form a new uncommon sense? Can we produce new sequences of the strange and charmed? Can we form new maps of together? (Thrift 2004: 96). Sound, and the ways in which listening is understood and practiced are now embroiled within the contemporary arts and humanities. Yet the dominant focus for such integration inevitably loops back onto […]

The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed (William Gibson). Catastrophic global warming and continual asymmetrical conflict ensure that depictions of climate change and global meltdown are not a far-flung fantasy. As philosopher Timothy Morton notes ‘The end of the world has already occurred’ (2013: 7). Thinking, being and doing futural work requires […]