How might soundwalking enable children to explore the art and science of listening? David Rousell (MMU), Michael Gallagher (MMU) and myself have been designing/facilitating a series of multi-sensory soundwalks with children (aged 9-12). Working with Z-Arts, a creative learning charity for children, the images above document the children’s process of designing their own experimental soundwalks, […]

There are certain places where listening is a saturated process. The slated steps in the reception area of MMU (Brooks Building) is one of those places. Here, listening as a straining towards (Nancy, 2007) is more like a stumbling, fumbling, murky muddle. Voices mix, sounds echo, machines buzz, handrails rattle, feet resonate. Everything gathers, blanketing […]

Find a mechanical rhythm; breathe in and out of synchronicity. Overhear conversations; relay the sentences to one another in a circle Imagine the sound of something that could not be here … Part of the Summer Institute in Qualitative Research: Putting Theory to Work

When something is “unsound” the first response, in any context, is to reject the validity of the thing in question. A structure or building that is integrally fragile can be unsound. A decision based on a lack of evidence can be unsound. The reckless activities of powerful corporations can be unsound. An individual’s irrational behavior […]

Speaking about the technique of collaging William Burroughs famously declared, “when you cut into the present the future leaks out.” In the visual arts, collaging and montaging has a significant cannon. From its roots in European Dadaism in the early years of the twentieth century, collaging as a method and practice was vibrant and politically […]

  Collages produced as part of a ‘Points of Listening’ workshop.